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I saw this on Facebook and thought it would be a cool Christmas gift for our son in law. After I received it I think I'll have to buy him another one. This is a well built 25' tape measure that is easy to read and the built in prencil is a fantastic idea

Paul P.

It is super handy and easy to use for projects. Particularly woodworking and drywall work. It's super easy to drag a straight line down a large sheet of material to make a long cut. Or pre-set the tape measure with a measurement and make your mark in hard to reach places.

Jeff B.

Another stocking stuffer for my hubby for the win! My hubby is so used to stealing pencils from inside I had to remind him of the built in graphite marker a couple of times. But now he's so used to it when he grabs a different tape measure he's peeved he's gotta revert an old fashioned pencil!

Kendra S.

Redesigned Marking System

Reloading is now easier than ever with the NEW QUICKDRAW PRO. When it’s time to reload, simply slide the tension button to the up position, turn the tape upside down and tap to clear the chamber, now drop a refill into the port and re-engage the tension button (demonstrated on video above). You’re now 'locked and loaded' for another 2000+ marks!

TruView WEDGE Indicator

The TruView WEDGE indicator acts as a gun site, eliminating the parallax effect and letting you know exactly where the marking wheel will make its graphite line. This advancement has made the QUICKDRAW PRO one of the most accurate measuring tape on the market. Optimum precision for impeccable results, every time.


Rugged Construction and 9 feet Standout

The first thing you will notice when get the QUICKDRAW PRO in your hands is the quality and attention to detail. The rugged co-molded case is secured by industrial STAR-drive screws. You can extend the stand-out of the blade to 9 feet or to 12 feet with your free hand. The hardened steel marking wheel is manufactured to space age tolerances for extreme accuracy and durability.

RadiusPRO Tip

Not only does the QUICKDRAW PRO tape measure excel at making accurate linear lines, it can make a perfect radius or curve with minimal effort. Just throw the RadiusPro tip onto the end of your tape measure and watch the magic happen. RadiusPro tips can be purchased separately and come with a bonus graphite refill pack.

Heavy-duty Brake-Lock

The rubber on rubber blade lock allows you to make accurate marks, lines and any size radius you need. We started by adding a comfortable rubberized thumb slide, then added co-molded internal rubber grips which capture the blade both top and bottom! The result: extreme accuracy with every mark, line and radius you make.

RollMark Keychain

Each QUICKDRAW PRO tape measure comes with a RollMARK key-chain to hold your refill graphite. Clip this on your tool belt and you’re good to go. Need a pencil that never dulls? No problem, our key-chain utilizes the very same marking technology as our tape measure. That rough timber beam isn't weathered enough to phase 2,000 marks of construction-grade graphite, delivered by a hardened steel wheel.